A Note From The Pastor

Hello Brothers and Sisters

So, I apologize for taking this long to make my statement for 2018 but we are all busy folks so I’m sure you understand. This past year has been a wonderful blessing for The Children’s Sanctuary Church, people getting saved, people getting healed and hungry people being fed body and soul, by the awesome tender mercies and grace of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!!! I am looking forward to 2018 because I believe a very significant move of God is about to take place in the Rogue Valley.  I anticipate an increase in the unity of the body of Christ that is going to overcome every single thing that has divided it, doctrine, race, politics, and many other things. I believe Holy Spirit is going to move mightily in our midst and stir up a revival in the hearts of us all to where our focus will return to the building of His kingdom and the saving of souls! I am not suggesting that we are not working on those things, His kingdom, saving souls, but I am suggesting that we kick it up notch and I believe that one sure way to accomplish that is to allow a true revival to erupt on the inside of each one of us like raging volcano and the Holy Spirit will flow freely across this valley just like lava. You know once lava starts flowing, nothing can stop it. Brothers and Sisters we have an opportunity to get the kick it up a notch party, this revival, started next month starting March 22nd through March 24th. Charles Mugo,  a bishop, an apostle who has planted upwards of 40 churches in Kenya, Ethiopia and the US. He has received an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity by the Oxford Theological Seminary of Ohio. He has worked with churches in the Rogue Valley for 20 + years. He is an anointed man who loves Jesus Christ with his whole heart and he is my spiritual father. I encourage you, please pray, please come!!! Thank You, One Love, the love of Jesus Christ!!!

Dennis E. Franklin Jr.
Senior Pastor – The Children’s Sanctuary Church
Church #541-595-8031, Cell # 541-941-0305