About The Children’s Sanctuary

Our Vision

Create and maintain a true sanctuary made of people, and a structure for people who choose to be free from the bonds of Satan and Sin, through God’s mercy and grace.

To be a people who are able and willing to share Agape love of God with the world in order to win the lost for Christ.

To be a people who desire to participate in intimate, jubilant, excitable, personal, and corporate worship demonstrating our love to and for God in Spirit and Truth.

  • Ezek 11:16
  • Mt. 18:20
  • Is. 32:16-20
  • Jn. 4:23, 24, 34 & 35

Our Mission

  1. Introduce the world to God the Father, God the Holy Spirit, and God the Word, that is, Jesus Christ.
  2. Provide an atmosphere where we will worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth through song, praise, dance, and dramatic art.
  3. Preach and teach the Word of God, both the historical Word and the Rhema Word.
  4. Feed the hungry in both body and spirit.

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